To coincide with the movie release of “The Last Ten Years” on March 4th in Japan, RADWIMPS release the Original Soundtrack of “The Last Ten Years,” 30 track set including the movie theme song “Ms. Phenomenal.”

The movie “The Last Ten Years” is based on the award-winning novel under the same title originally published in 2017 that went viral with over 500,000 copies sold to date. With high demand for the movie adaptation from the fans, the highly anticipated movie, directed by Michihito Fujii, hit theatres on March 4, 2022. This is the band’s third movie score after record-breaking hit anime films “Your Name.” and “Weathering With You” and the first live-action movie. RADWIMPS music softly accompanies the life stories of the 2 main characters over a decade of time.

Yojiro Noda, singer of the band, read the script and wrote the theme song and part of the film score before the shoot began. The music was delivered to the movie casts and staff who went into the shoot sharing the same sonic feeling and image. “Being involved with this project definitely changed life and I hope it’ll do the same for everyone who will be watching this movie, which I’m sure it will,” says Yojiro Noda with confidence.

This movie and accompanying music by RADWIMPS will sure be one of the best movies of this Spring and will remind everyone how precious is it to be able to spend time together with your loved ones.

Release Information
Original Soundtrack of “The Last Ten Years
Release date: March 4, 2022

1. Opening of “The Last Ten Years”
2. Matsuri’s Reality
3. 7 Years Until the Tokyo Games
4. Time Capsule
5. The First Good-Bye
6. Setbacks
7. Confusion
8. Venting in Hospital Bed
9. Small First Step
10. Time Appears to be Stopped
11. Overlapped Seasons
12. Voice of Innocence
13 Me and the Skytree
14. Scream from the Inside
15. Matsuri’s Lie
16. Two Hearts Crying
17. Kazuto’s Confession
18. Spending Time, Remaining Time
19. Okay, Not Okay
20. Ski Slope
21. Two Souls Overlapped
22. Blind Alley
23. Tears in the Kitchen
24. Because You Were Here
25. Can’t Delete, Won’t Disappear
26. Matsuri’s Dream
27. Tear Bag
28. The Voice Was Heard
29. Frozen Time
30. Ms. Phenomenal

About “The Last Ten Years
Matsuri, diagnosed with an incurable disease, has 10 years left to live. She decides to not dwell on her life and not to fall in love but meets Kazuto at a school reunion and everything changes. More memories mean less time left to live. Which path do they choose to take at the end of the road?

Based on a novel “Yomei 10 Nen” by Ruka Kosaka (Bungeisha)
Cast: Nana Komatsu, Kentaro Sakaguchi, Yuki Yamada, Nao, Satoru Iguchi, Haru Kuroki, Tetsushi Tanaka, Hideko Hara, Lily Franky, Yutaka Matsushige
Director: Michihito Fujii
Script Writers: Yoshikazu Okada, Mako Watanabe
Theme Song: “Ms. Phenomenal” by RADWIMPS

Comment from Yojiro Noda
It was a fresh challenge to score a live-action film for the first time. I experienced many painful moments trying to figure out how our music can accompany the characters and give them a push on their backs. In total, I think I’ve seen the movie close to 100 times during the process of scoring it, but when all the arrangements were done and we did the final orchestra recording, I felt the tears rolling down watching those scenes combined with the music.
I think anyone can find the meaning of life in this movie and Matsuri’s life story.

Comment from Director Michihito Fujii
When I first read the script of “The Last 10 Years,” I had images of Matsuri and Kazuto softly accompanied by Noda’s music. From the inspiration he got from the script, Noda started writing music before the shoot began so we got to listen to the music throughout the shoot. I think Noda literally led my way to finishing the movie. They were the happiest moments. I hope you can experience that in theatres.