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Be it Anime or Anisong, if you enjoy either of these, you would have come across the name “Nana Mizuki”. Boasting a range of songs from different genres like Pop to Enka, as well as a huge vocal range voicing characters from Fate Testarossa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) to Hinata Hyuga (Naruto), Nana Mizuki is a respected and highly popular seiyuu. On 27 Sep 2014, she will be making her way back to Singapore for Nana Mizuki Live Flight 2014+ concert.

Who is Nana Mizuki?

Face Nana

A singer, songwriter and seiyuu, Nana was trained as an enka singer since the age of 5, and she made her debut as a voice actress in 1998. She released her first single “Omoi” in 2000 and her debut album, “Supersonic Girl” a year later on 05 Dec 2001. She enjoyed moderate success in the following years such as her single “Innocent Starter”charting at No.9 on the Oricon charts. On 03 Jun 2009, her album “Ultimate Diamond” reached #1 on charts, the first time one of her releases manages to do so. A year later her single “Phantom Minds” was released on 13 Jan 2010  and it charted at #1, making her the first voice actress to top the weekly Oricon albums and singles chart since its inception.

Here’s a sample of one of her most popular songs, Eternal Blaze, her 12th single that was released in 2005 and it was her breakout single as well! It peaked at 2nd place and was the first single by a voice actress to reach that chart position. It was the opening theme for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s.

And here is another one of her singles from the game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. This is a personal favorite of mine as it was the song that converted me into a Nana Mizuki fan. It is a very upbeat fast-paced song, which is also the image song of the character she voices in the game, Paz.

What makes Nana Mizuki so popular?

Concert Nana

She has been known to have a very friendly and heart-warming personality, which you can see during her concerts. It’s a natural form of kindness that moves people and has also garnered her lots of fans, both male and female! She also exerts a lot of energy in her concert despite small stature but she can go an entire 4 hour concert, running the entire stage from left to right and yet still be as full of energy from the beginning.

She’s also very popular amongst her fellow seiyuus! In an episode of Tokyo Encounter, Nana Mizuki appeared as a guest. As soon as she appeared on the screen, you can see seiyuu Sugita Tomokazu kneeling down to her! And not only that, you can even see him making a guest appearance in one of her music video for the song “Pop Master”, which is her 24th single released in 2011. Not only does she have her dedicated fans, ever her fellow voice actors and actresses are fans of hers as well!

So what makes her concerts better than anyone else?

Having accumulated singing experience since the age of 5, which gives her almost around 30 years of experience, Nana Mizuki’s performance standards had surely risen from an amateur to a veteran both on and off the stage. You can feel her presence on the stage irregardless of where you are seated, and her natural charisma and personality just illuminates the entire hall as though she is really enjoying herself on the stage, and I am very sure she does! She really takes her concerts to new heights (quite literally) with some of the spectacles that she performs on stage.

During one of her concerts, the NANA MIZUKI LIVE CASTLE 2011 -Queen’s Night-, she got onto a hot air balloon and performed two songs while it is circling around the concert hall. The reason why she got onto a giant balloon was because she wanted to come up with a way to get close to her fans sitting on the first and second floors while performing ,which is a pretty spectacular feat if you ask me. She really takes the extra step to connect herself with her fans in the entire hall; the little extra oomph that really makes you appreciates her live concerts even more. And the balloon isn’t the only thing she has done, she has even stood on top of a rainbow winged lion on occasion as well.

Flying Nana

And to top that off, Nana Mizuki has always sung live using her own powerful vocals at all her live events, irregardless of whether it is a mini-concert at a small event or a huge concert at Tokyo Dome. Unlike stuff more commonly seen in pop idol groups, you get to hear all her songs being sung live using her real voice. That I feel is what makes her a true singer and performer on stage.

With that said, what makes her solo concerts better than her duos with other singers?

Duet Nana

By now you know that she has a powerful voice. It’s so powerful sometimes that it may make her partner sound soft in comparison! Take for example her duet with Mamoru Miyano at Anisama 2013 or last year’s duet with TM Revolution at AFA 2013’s I Love Anisong Valvrave Night (which was her overseas debut! While both singers have pretty impressive vocals no doubt, her’s just simply trounces them at times that you can feel her trying to adjust her voice to them.

What you would expect to get at a Nana Mizuki solo concert is a guaranteed 3-hours full of pure unadulterated fun, and nothing but pure pleasures ringing in your ears. With her cute songs mixed in with serious stuff and perhaps even some enka pieces, and not to forget that most of them were written herself, you’re in for an eargasm of a concert.

The stage is set at Resorts World Sentosa

The concert is scheduled to take place at the Resorts World’s Festive Grand Theatre. Here’s a sneak peek as to how the theatre looks like. Seems like a pretty state-of-the-art hall if you ask me! Its actually pretty cozy and comfortable for its size so you feel that you’re having a private concert of Nana Mizuki along with a couple of like minded fans.

Festive Theatre

Even from the view of the stage, it looks huge! And judging by the photos, most of the seats provide an unblocked view of the stage for all ticket holders to get an excellent unobstructed view of Nana Mizuki, be it the CAT 2 tickets all the way back or the CAT 1 holders right in front of the stage!

The Finale

Nana Mizuki will grace us with her presence once again in Singapore with a solo concert on the 27 Sep 2014. If you’re a casual fan of Nana Mizuki, and you’re on the fence still deciding if you want to go to her concert. Suppose you’ve only heard one or two of her more famous songs. I’ll say that you will not be disappointed.  Her vocals are something you must hear in person. And you’ll get to know more of her other non-anisong as well as her other songs that appeared on her albums or other media which I feel is better than some of her anisong repertoire!

We already had an awesome time last year at AFA 13’s Valvrave Night and I’m really excited for LIVE FLIGHT 2014+ as well. Are you ready for it?

While the Premium and CAT 1 tickets are all gone, there are still CAT 2 tickets left so its not too late to join the party. If you have yet to get your tickets, you can get them here!


Name: Nana Mizuki Live Flight 2014+ In Singapore
Date: September 27 2014, 6:30pm

Addition information from:, Secret of Seven