5pb.’s best-selling horror game, Corpse Party, is getting itself a live action movie adaptation, featuring NOGIZAKA46‘s Rina Ikoma, who will be making her live-action movie début.


This maybe the idol’s live-action movie début, but she is definitely no stranger to acting as she has made several TV appearances in shows like “Piramikeno” and “Jump Undercover Mission Police”. She will be playing the role of Naomi Nakashima and spoke about her involvement in the upcoming horror movie

“This is the first time in my life I’ll be starring in a movie! I don’t have much acting experience, so I’m quite nervous. I wonder sometimes if I’m the best fit for the part, but I’m going to reach into my hidden talents and give my all for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I will do my personal best, and make this project a success!”

She will be joined by rising TV and stage actor, Ryosuke Ikeoka, who will be playing the role of Satoshi Mochida. He once performed in a live-action Prince of Tennis stage musical and has appeared in various other stage plays and TV shows.


Also joining the movie will be model and self-professed horror fan, Nozomi Maeda who will be playing Ayumi Shinozaki. Maeda previously appeared in various TV shows including GARO ~Yami wo Terasu Mono~.


At the helm of this project is horror veteran, Masafumi Yamada, who is responsible for directing various J-horror works like the Hontouni Atta Kowai Hanashi series and Tsuburo no Kara. Voice actress Asami Imai will be responsible for singing the movie’s theme song. Imai is best known for her roles as The iDOLM@STER’s resident songbird, Chihaya Kisaragi, as well as Steins; Gate’s Kurisu “Christina” Makise.


Corpse Party  started out as a doujin horror game for the PC-9801 back in 1996. It became infamous for its gory scenes as well as the fact that many people got really scared by playing it. The console game has sold over 100,000 copies and has released multiple sequels, remakes, and spin-offs, including the best-selling manga which has already sold over a billion copies worldwide.

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Corpse Party creator, Makoto Kedoin, released a statement on the adaptation and expressed how excited he is for the new project.

Like the slowly-blossoming bud of a small but poisonous flower watered with the labors of love, Corpse Party has finally flowered. It’s like my lucky child, showered with adoration from its production staff, players, readers, and viewers. Even now, as we begin production, it seems content to be surrounded by the cast and crew. As a horror fan, I am eagerly anticipating the full bloom of my viciously poisonous flower. I hope you are all getting excited! This is going to be amazing!

A live streaming of the film shooting for the live-action Corpse Party movie will be streamed via Niconico on 15 March while 5pb.’s 3DS version of the game will be released concurrently with the theatrical and online movie premiere.

Now who is excited to see Rina Ikoma in Corpse Party? I sure am!