Last year, SCRAP’s Real Escape Game collaborated with Hajime Isayama’s best-selling manga series, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyoujin), for one very hard Real Escape Game, which even went to Singapore last December. Now, there will be a new Attack on Titan Real Escape Game, and it is scheduled to kick off in Japan this summer.


Last year, the Real Escape Game was titled “Escape from the Walled City”, and this time it is titled “Escape from the Besieged Amusement Park” (巨人に包囲された遊園地からの脱出, Kyojin ni houi sa reta yuuenchi kara no dasshutsu). Participants will play as members of the Survey Corps, However, the titans have surrounded the amusement park, and now the survey corps members must use their wits to find a way to escape.


This new Real Escape Game will kick-off at the Tokyo Dome from 18 July to 23 September 2015. Osaka’s Hirakata Park will also be hosting the games at around the same period from 24 July to 6 August. The Tokyo Dome tickets cost between 3,200 yen to 4,600 yen while the Hirakata Park tickets cost between 2,300 to 4,900 yen.

The game also ties in with the manga’s 16th volume which is released today, 9 April 2015. A “mysterious” wraparound jacket will be included with the newly-released volume, which lets those who bought the manga enter a lottery where they can win premium tickets to the games held in Osaka and Tokyo. Applications for the lottery will only be until 30 April and winners will be notified via e-mail

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Finally, the first compilation anime movie, Guren no Yumiya,  will also be hitting Singapore this 13 August, which is something every Attack on Titan fan is looking forward to.

source: Animate