Just like the previous seasons for the Senki Zesshou Symphogear series, it was announced that seiyuus, Nana Mizuki (The Nanoha series’ Fate Testarossa and Naruto’s Hinata Hyuuha) and Ayahi Takagaki (Sword Art Online’s Lisbeth and Gundam 00’s Feldt Grace), will be the ones responsible for performing the OP and ED songs for the third season, which is titled Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX.


Nana Mizuki, who voices Tsubasa Kazanari in the anime, will sing the yet-to-be-titled OP song while Ayahi Takagaki, who voices Chris Yukine in the anime, will sing the yet-to-be-titled ED song. Both songs will also be released as singles and will go on sale on 22 and 29 July respectively.

Katsumi Ono, who previously directed the second season, Symphogear G, will once again direct the series over at Satelight. It was previously announced that the anime will premiere in July, with the original cast returning.

Ai Kayano (AnoHana’s Menma) as Kirika Akatsuki
Aoi Yuuki (Sword Art Online II’s Yuuki Konno) as Hibiki Tachibana
Youko Hikasa (High School DXD’s Rias Gremory) as Maria Cadenzavna Eve
Yoshino Nanjou (Love Live!’s Eli Ayase) as Shirabe Tsukuyomi

source: Symphogear official