Japanese gaming website Dengeki Online, has announced that the two highly popular Sword Art Online games will be ported for the PlayStation 4. They are the second game, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, and the third game, Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

The PS4 version of Hollow Fragment, which is still set in the death game known as Sword Art Online, will be called Re: Hollow Fragment. It will be an enhanced version of the PlayStation Vita RPG with better graphics and new features added. Those who have the original PS Vita versions can also transfer information from their PS Vita game to the new game, such as items. Re: Hollow Fragment is now available via digital download with a discounted price of 3,980 yen. However, the discounted price is for a limited time only, and is implemented until 24 June.

Meanwhile, Sword Art Online: Lost Song, which is set in the world of Alfheim Online (ALO), will also be getting a Western release, and will have Japanese dun with English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian subtitles.


The Japanese version of the ALO game will also be getting some huge updates with new playable characters like Rain and Lux. The update, titled Kengeki no Sousha, will also be adding new events, quests, and episodes featuring the game’s various heroines.

More announcements about the update and Lost Song’s PS4 release will be made in the future.