Are you ready for more Panzer Vor? During a Niconico special on Girls und Panzer, which also previewed a marathon of the anime, the new trailer for the series’ upcoming movie, titled Girls und Panzer der Film was shown. Bandai Visual had then put up the trailer on their youtube channel.

The trailer is announced following a two-year wait, and now fans can finally watch the movie this year, as it will be premiering on 21 November 2015.

The trailer also featured the latest Girls und Panzer character named Kinuyo Nishi, the unit commander for Chihatan Academy. She is voiced by Asami Seto, who is best known as Rinne no Lagrange‘s Lan/ Ran as well as Chihayafuru’s titular character, Chihaya Ayase. The announcement for Seto’s character was made during the Niconico special.


It was announced that the original 2012 anime will be rebroadcast starting 12 July, and this will also be in preparation of the movie.


Also in anticipation of the movie, the program also announced that the prestigious Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra will also be doing a special Girls und Panzer concert at the Yokosuka Arts Theatre this 3 November.


source: 0takomu