With To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd making its premiere this 6 July 2015, anime figure makers, Max Factory, has unveiled a life-size statue of one of the To Love-Ru series’ most popular characters – the sexy yet scheming Deviluke princess, Momo Belia Deviluke, whom is always scheming in regards to her harem plan regarding one certain Rito Yuuki


The life-size statue was unveiled during Tora no Ana’s 20th Anniversary event at the Makuhari Messe last 21 June 2015 and it was made using a 3D printer. It is based on a previously-released (and long sold out) 1/6 scale PVC figure by Max Factory designed by Nakayaman.

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This 3D-printed life-size statue also has its design taken from the official To Love-Ru artbook, To Love-Ru Darkness: Venus, which not only features Good’ol Momo in the cover, but her elder sister Lala, and her twin sister, Nana as well. All three are wearing frilly bridal-themed lingerie, and it really looks like it is all just part of Momo’s harem plan to give Rito the harem ending he deserves. After all, he can marry everyone once he is the heir to the Deviluke throne, right?


Source: 0takomu