Japan is known for anime merchandise and weird anime merchandise, and the latest collaboration between Sailor Moon Crystal and hygiene company, Elis, actually falls into the latter, as they will be collaborating for a new set of Sailor Moon sanitary pads.


Sailor Moon and Luna are featured on the 24cm-long pads while Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars are featured on the 20.5cm-long pads. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus meanwhile are on the cover of the 27cm-long pads.

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The pads are available as “highly absorbent” for daily use and “overnight” for when you’re on your red days but you want to dream of a certain Tuxedo Mask.

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They are slated for release this 1 August 2015, and those who order via online mail order can also get a special Sailor Moon Eye Mask, which may help you dream of Tuxedo Mask even better.


Those who have purchased these sanitary pads can also use the bar codes found in each package, to enter a special lottery where they can win a variety of prizes which include a Sailor Moon wireless speaker, indoor slippers, pillows, humidifier, and lamp.

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