Milky Holmes fans rejoice, because during the Shirokuro Fes 2015 in Pacifico Yokohama, a new movie for the detective franchise was announced, and it has one overly-long title: Gekijyouban Tantei Opere Milky Holmes ~Gyakusyu no Mily Holmes~/Movie Detective Opera Milky Holmes ~Milky Holmes’ Counterattack~


This new anime movie, called “Milky Holmes’ Counterattack” for short, is scheduled to premiere on February 2016, with advance tickets going on sale starting 19 September. The event’s announcement video has also been streamed by the Bushiroad Music youtube channel.

The movie is guaranteed to feature a whole lot of characters as the video announces that “Milky Holmes’ Counterattack” will feature all of the characters from the previous anime series, and that’s a lot!

Sherlock “Sheryl” Shellingford’s seiyuu, Suzuko Mimori (Love Live!’s Umi Sonoda and Yuruyuri’s Himawari Furutani), was present during the event, and took to twitter to share the movie announcement.


source: Crunchyroll