It’s almost 31 August, which means that it’s almost Miku’s birthday! And to celebrate, Japanese bakeshop, PICTcake CHARA is releasing a special Miku birthday cake that is not just perfect for the virtual diva’s birthday, but your birthday as well!


Pictcake CHARA will be featuring one of four Miku designs on top of their special cake, and all are designed by renowned vocaloid illustrator, Nardack. Fans can choose which design they want on their cake, and whether it is the normal Hatsune Miku or her chibi version, there’s no doubt that fans will enjoy this cake!

cake1 cake2 cake3 cake4

Customers can also choose the size of the cake, which will be perfect for the number of guests you will be having over for that Hatsune Miku birthday celebration. Fans who order the single 17cm x 17cm cake can have a small gathering as five to ten people can enjoy the cake, but if you really want to party, you can order a double 22cm x 22cm which can satisfy 10 – 20 people.


The cake uses the classic yellow sponge as the base with cream icing. It is then topped with assorted fruits and lady fingers to five the cake some crunch. The Single costs 4,320 yen while the Double is  being sold for 8,640 yen. If you are in Japan and you plan to celebrate Miku’s birthday on the 31st with this cake, you have to hurry as  final orders for the occasion must be made by 17:30 on 29 August. However, if you are planning to have that cake on your birthday or surprise a friend, you must reserve the cake two days before.

Source: Pictcake chara official