Comiket  is known for having items sell out in alarming rates, however, most of these items cost less than 10,000 yen. Remember that life-size dakimakura (hugging pillow) of Monster Musume’s resident lamia, Miia? The one that costs 100,000 yen? Well, it got sold out pretty fast.


According to the MonMusu official twitter page, the gigantic dakimakura, which measures in at approximately 7-meters in length and costs 100,000 yen, got sold out in less than an hour after the Tokuma Shouten Booth opened shop.

Remember, this thing is both huge and expensive, which means that there are a lot of rich Monster Musume fans out there who wants to be constricted by the lovely lamia.


On the bright side, maybe Takuma Shouten will also make life-size dakimakuras of the other monster girls like Centorea and Rachnera… but then again, you and your buddy might not be able to do this: