And to round off, here’s the final day preview of this year’s Anime Festival Asia 2015: I Love Anisong REBOOT! While the first two singers have appeared in previous years’ AFA, the next two will be making their debut in the Singapore edition of I Love Anisong. Let’s get started shall we?


Soon to be making an appearance this weekend at Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2015, nano will also be appearing at Singapore’s edition later this year in November! Originally a youtube singer, nano has been performing as an utaite on Nico Nico for almost 5 years now, singing in both English and Japanese as nano has lived in America as a child. nano is famous for songs such as the super hit Savior of Song from Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova and SABLE from M3: The Dark Metal.

Mika Kobayashi

Another new entrant in this year’s I Love Anisong is Mika Kobayashi, who has performed at Penang Anime Matsuri earlier. While small in stature, her voice is titanic in comparison. With booming powerful vocals along with Hiroyuki Sawano’s wonderful vocals, she is definitely worth looking out for this year! Some of her famous songs are Bios from Guilty Crown, Before my Body is Dry from Kill la Kill and Attack on Titan from Attack on Titan.


One of three returnees from last year’s I Love Anisong, who will be appearing this weekend at AFAID and also making an appearance later this November in Singapore is GARNiDELiA! The duo of MARiA and Toku with their electronic pop style has recently celebrated their fifth anniversary since the unit was formed by releasing an album featuring remixes of their best indies songs! They’re famous for Ambiguous from Kill la Kill, grilletto from The Irregular at Magic High School and their hit indie song ARiA.


The last singer does not need any introduction. Our mainstay and main feature of every years’ I Love Anisong is none other than May’n! Our roti prata loving Buchou will be adding one more to her eight AFA Singapore appearances this year. Seeing as she sang Yamaidare Darling from Aquarion Logos just a few months ago, we’ll definitely hear it again this year. Personally I love Northern Cross so I’m hoping she will sing it again in November!

We hope you have enjoyed the previews for I Love Anisong this year at Anime Festival Aisa Singapore this year. Which artist are you most looking for this year? Any particular song you want to hear?

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AFASG 2015 – 27,28,29 November 2015, Suntec Convention and Exhibition Center www.animefestival.asia/afasg15