The sister group to the ever so popular μ’s, Aqours has finally released the PV for their first single! Titled Kimi no kokoro wa Kagayaiterukai?, the song definitely hits you with its catchy beat and brings a brand new feel to the Love Live franchise.

The preview videos has the same animation style as the usual Love Live preview videos with a mix of 3DCG and 2D animation. The video also gives you a chance to get a chance to see the new girls in action. The animations are decent but what you would want to look out for are the many adorable expressions the girls make throughout the video! It just reminds you a bit of their older sister group μ’s.

This marks Aqours first step forward and it would definitely be a treat to see them appearing at Love Live’s 6th Live! So let’s support these girls in their journey to chase after their predecessors and see their hearts shine!