Steins; Gate’s “true sequel”, Steins; Gate 0 is headed for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita consoles in Japan later this year, and 5pb. Games and MAGES has started streaming the upcoming visual novel game’s OP movie, which was first revealed during a live-streaming of a stage event during the Tokyo Game Show 2015.

The video also features the game’s OP song, Amadeus, which is performed by Kane Itou. The live-streaming event introduces us to a more adult-looking Mayuri as well as several character visuals from the game. Here are a few screenshots from the Niconico live-stream:

The new key visual image for the game has also been revealed:


As mentioned in our previous article, this new Steins; Gate game was announced during the New Works Unveiling in TwitCast live streaming event by MAGES last March. It is a direct sequel to the bestselling Steins; Gate visual novel. Like the original, it will also be receiving an anime adaptation, as one has already been green-lit for 0. The game will be following the Beta Timeline where Rintarou fails to save Kurisu.

Steins; Gate is the second of 5pb.’s popular Science Adventure Game series and is set in Akihabara. It follows the Future Gadget Laboratory led by Rintarou Okabe (CV: Mamoru Miyano) who suddenly (and unwittingly) discovers time travel by customizing the lab’s microwave oven. Because of this, he and the other members of the lab are faced with danger, most notably from an organization known as SERN.

Source: Dengeki Online and video via Kagayaki Mirai