Welcome to the third article covering the Tokyo Game Show 2015! This is the second of two booth coverage articles we have in store for you. You can view the first one here! We covered Cygames, Bandai Namco, Koei Tecmo, Sony and a few other smaller booths in the first article. We have a couple more for you to take a look at, so here goes nothing!


With the issues surrounding Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima and Konami, there is a strangely absent Kojima Productions stage this year although there is a sizeable Metal Gear Online booth instead. The Konami booth also had its latest iteration of Winning Eleven and Pro Yakyuu series on display this year. They also have their subsidiary Nihon Falcom on display to show their latest game titled Tokyo Xanadu, which was released earlier this month on the Playstation Vita.

I really did enjoy their photo display booth at least. Fans could line up to take their photo superimposed to a cover of Winning Eleven, Pro Yakyuu, Ground Zeroes or The Phantom Pain. I even use my Phantom Pain cover for the actual game!


Up next we have Capcom who has been enjoying quite a surge in recent times with three of their biggest franchises set to release their newest iterations over the course of the next 6 months. First up we have Monster Hunter X set to release at the end of November in Japan. As per every year at TGS, the game saw an overwhelming amount of fans visiting the booth to try their hands at taking down Dinovaldo, one of 4 of the newest flagship monsters. There is also Monster Hunter Stories geared towards children and more casual players.

Over here we have the one of most famous Fighting game series’ newest title in the form of Street Fighter V. It’s great to see many fans are still vigorously playing SFV. I’m only half decent at M.Bison, I hope I can do much better in the final product! The Resident Evil series also has a new game titled Biohazard: Umbrella Corps which as earlier mentioned, is a squad shooter title towards multiplayer fans! Phoenix Wright 6 was also displayed at the event and like last year, the setup is also like a courtroom!


Over at the Sega area, they have quite a few big titles scheduled over the upcoming year. From their man console game series, Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku in Japan) will be getting not only Ryu Ga Gotoku 6 later next year but will also be receiving a remake of the first game titled Ryu Ga Gotoku Kiwami set to release later this year. There will also be a new Hatsune Miku game on the PS4 as well. I do wonder if the VR Demo of the Hatsune Miku game I played at the Sony booth will be released in the future too. It was a really great experience.


At their Atlus corner, there is nothing short of excitement as the latest trailer for Persona 5 was revealed as well as the star studded cast joining the game. With the likes of Jun Fukuyama, Mamoru Miyano, Nana Mizuki, Tomokazu Sugita and Ikue Ohtani helming the main characters, I’m sure many fans will be really excited for the latest game! Another big upcoming title is Odin Sphere set to release on the PS3, PS4 and Vita next year outside Japan!

Square Enix:

Lastly one of the biggest and most anticipated booths of the year was once again Japan’s forefront of gaming, Square Enix. With a stellar lineup of console titles, there were many titles fans can look forward to enjoying in the upcoming year ahead. With the likes of Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward, Dragon Quest Builders and a host of many wonderful looking indie titles produced by SE, there was at least something for everyone there. Here’s some of the displays around the area.

We even had an opportunity to try out Dragon Quest Builders. While it is very similar to Minecraft, it has it own cute Dragon Quest spin to it and it feels very Dragon Quest as much as it is Minecraft. I’m really looking forward to the final product when its released next year. We also managed to snapped a pic of FFXIV director Naoki Yoshida and his assistant Toshio Murouchi who were addressing the fans during the live letter. Lord of Verminion sounds really fun!

Once again, here are more of the other booths around Tokyo Game Show. There’s quite a number of famous franchises like Kantai Collection, Touken Ranbu and Wake Up, Girls! on display around the floor too! Star Wars: Battlefront saw quite the reception as well.

I hope you have enjoyed our Tokyo Game Show coverage. We will have 2 more event related articles later this week concerning two stages that occured during the show which we were allowed to cover. Keep a lookout for them!