Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015 is coming close, and AFACHAN had the chance for an email interview with Ayana Taketatsu.

Ayana Taketatsu, known as Ayachi, has been a regular voice in many shows. She is well known for her cute and “tsundere” voice, and some of her notable roles include Azusa Nakano (K-On!), Kirino Kousaka (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai) and Kotori Itsuka (Date A Live). She is also a member of the pop duo unit “petit milady” with Aoi Yuuki.

Here are some questions answered by Ayachi:

As a voice actress, is there anything you would look out for during your work?

“Regardless of what I am trying to express in my acting and singing, I always put in my feelings so that everyone can understand and connect easily. Acting and singing are expressed differently but my feelings to do both of them is still the same.”

This is your second time coming to Singapore as a guest, is there anything you would like to challenge when you get here?

“Even though I am going to have a tight schedule during AFASG15, I would really like to eat to my heart’s content all the delicious food in Singapore!!”

The biggest highlight of the second day of the Anisong Concert is the P’s Live, do tell us what we can expect from the performance.

“Team Pony Canyon has finally crossed the borders to sing in AFASG2015, that might already be the highlight of the live itself! So please do come and support us!”

Are there any surprises prepared for the fans during AFASG2015.

“Hmm, I wonder what kind of surprises would make the fans happy?”

Editor note: Maybe you can leave us a message on what would make you happy in the comment section?

Finally, a message to your fans coming to AFASG2015.

“AFASG15 will be the first time that I’ll be singing overseas, for this I really do feel very nervous about it. During the concert, I hope everyone can cheer loudly for me, it would make me very happy! I will be crossing the borders and coming to Singapore to sing, it would be great if everyone could join me shout “I LOVE BEEF”, Thank you!”

Thank you! 

As you can read,  Ayachi really does love beef a lot! Expressed it into this song “Rice to meat you”, so do shout “I LOVE BEEF” together with Ayachi at the I LOVE ANISONG 2015 at AFASG15!

Let us leave you with a playlist featuring her awesome songs!

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Ayana Taketatsu will be performing on the second day of AFASG15 P’s LIVE!
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