Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015 is getting close! To keep you excited, AFACHAN did an email interview with the cast of P’s Live.

Previously we released the interview with Ayana Taketatsu. In this instalment of the Pre-AFA interview series we bring to you an interview with Yumiri Hanamori, nicknamed “Hanabay”, of Etotama (role: Uritan) and Rolling☆Girls (role: Chiaya Misono) fame.

Before we jump to the interview, here’s a short introduction for those who are not familiar with Yumiri Hanamori.

At the young age of just 18, Yumiri or Hanabay is already making her rounds as a seiyuu with several main roles in anime already! Be it the adorable (and really useless at times) Uri-tan from ETOTAMA, to the soft spoken alien Chiyaya from THE ROLLING GIRLS, she has proved to be a great seiyuu despite her young age. In addition to voice acting jobs, she has sung the character songs for “THE ROLLING GIRLS” and “ETOTAMA”. Yumiri’s career further expands to radio personality and video games, with credits including, “YUKI YUNA IS A HERO: MEMORY OF THE FOREST” (role: Gin Minowa), “REBELLION BLADE” (role: Amu), and “CRUSADER QUEST” (role: Popo).

The Interview:

Q: Could you tell us about your aspirations and drive as a voice actress/singer?

“I want to be a voice actress who is able to surprise someone like, “Wow, you can produce voices like that too!!”.

Q: Did you have fun at AFAID15?

Yes! It is a little different from events in Japan but I had lots of fun!

Q: Can we have a message to the fans who will be coming to see everyone at AFASG?

I hope everyone will be able to have fun at AFASG! It would be great if through this event, everyone will come to like Japanese animation even more. I can’t wait to meet everyone at the event!

That was a short but sweet interview with Yumiri Hanamori. But that’s not all that we will be hearing from Yumiri Hanamori! If you want to hear her now, below is a short feature of her vocal talents.

Are you looking forward to meeting with Yumiri at AFASG? She sure is looking forward to meeting her fans at AFASG!

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