Girls und Panzer der Film premiered in Japan with surprising success as the anime movie took second place in its opening weekend box office despite the limited theatrical release. Bandai Visual has recently streamed more than eight minutes worth of footage from the film, which would definitely tease those who still have not watched it yet, or make those who want to watch it all over again.

The footage is from the early stages of the “Battle of Oarai”, which features the girls of Oarai Girls’ Academy pounding away at an enemy school before rallying in the middle of town to do battle with other rival Senshado schools, like the USSR-themed Pravda Academy. Panzer Vor!


Girls und Panzer der Film opened last 21 November. Choucho, who previously performed the OP song for the 2012 Girls und Panzer TV anime, “Dream Riser,” is also the one responsible for performing the theme song for the series’ own movie.