Sometimes, when you wake up, you would want to hear the voice of your beloved waifu, and now, thanks to a new app, Asuna fans, or Haruka Tomatsu fans, have a lot of reasons to celebrate as the “Wake Me Up, Asuna” app is now available internationally.


Now currently available via Google Play, the app features the voice of Haruka Tomatsu as Asuna, who will not only wake you up in the morning, but will greet you and remind you of the things which you have to do on that day, you know, just like any ideal waifu.

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Released by Sony Music, the app will have the following features:

●Amazing Point 1: Fantastic! The character reads your name and information in her sweet voice!
Combining the latest technology*2 and a huge database of voice actress Haruka Tomatsu’s voice recordings, we are able to reproduce Asuna’s voice. Asuna will provide you a variety of information in her own sweet voice.
*2 This technology vocalizes information using a voice actor’s recording database. The character’s intonation and accent may be different from that of the original character.

●Amazing Point 2: You can talk with the character.
“Wake me up tomorrow at 7:00!” “What’s the weather like?” “What’s my schedule today?” These are just a few examples of requests and questions you can ask the character via voice. Asuna will even reply naturally to everyday phrases such as “I don’t have anything to do right now”, “I love you”, or “I’m tired…”.

●Amazing Point 3: Smooth motion as if she is actually living in your smartphone
The character’s smooth movements will make you feel as if she is right there. Her mouth movements change to match the recorded script, and she will show various expressions. If you replace the app’s background with a picture of your own room, you get the enchanting and enjoyable experience that Asuna is actually in your room.

●Amazing Point 4: You can change your character’s costume.
You’ll actually be able to change the costume your character is wearing. Press “TALK” and say “Change costume” to change what she’s wearing. In addition to the default Knights of the Blood uniform, a yellow sweater is also available for free. Other costumes will become available later.

●Other features:
– Asuna’s vivid movements, which are beautiful in high-resolution smartphones or tablets
– Using the “Bed Time Stories” function and “Good Night” mode, the character can tell you a boring bedtime story after confirming your schedule for tomorrow. You can ask the character to do this by pressing “TALK” and saying “Tell me a story” as many times as you want.
– Weather information is obtained from KYODO NEWS. You can set it to get weather information for your desired location.
– You can use the app in landscape mode, best for viewing in devices such as tablets.
– The app has a variety of other useful functions, such as “Going Out mode” (to prevent the character from suddenly talking during the day), alarm time settings for each day of the week, auto-close (to minimize battery consumption), and an alarm status display.
* “Wake Me Up Asuna” does not guarantee to wake you up in the morning. It is recommended that you use this app alongside other devices, such as an alarm clock.

However, in order to get the subtitles, the English Language Support Add-on must be purchased separately, as Asuna will only be speaking in Japanese.

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You can visit the Google Play Store for more details