That epic fight between Saitama and Boros in the finale of one of this year’s hottest anime, One Punch Man, has been one of the most talked about fights in Japanese animation for 2015. Renowned mangaka, Yusuke Murata, the co-mangaka of the new One Punch Man mangas, along with series creator, ONE, has offered a sketch commentary on that one exciting fight.

1st second – characters blur into beams of light as they run at each other

2nd second – shock wave blasts the surface, evaporating buildings

5th second – maneuvers melt a second tower

7th second – Boros catches Saitama’s cape and gives him a giant toss

9th second Boros follows through with this throw and overtakes Saitama

10th second – Boros uppercuts and hammer knuckles Saitama

14th second – Boros uses his speed to overtake Saitama again, who changes his direction

16th second – Boros changes momentum to go through the ship

18th second – Boros bursts out of ship

19th second – Saitama gets struck

…and then Saitama gets sent to the moon… Sayonara!

Murata also tweeted three frames he sent to the animation staff to use as reference for the epic battle:

He also tweeted his reaction while watching the final episode:

Murata is even releasing a poster for the Boros fight in this year;s edition of Winter Comiket:


And finally, we end this one with a bit of trivia about Boros:

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Source: Crunchyroll