New Year celebrations are always special in Japan, and part of the Japanese tradition includes visiting a shrine and offering up wooden prayer boards known as emas. During Comiket 89, P.A. Works introduced a special ema featuring the lovable animator… Ema!


So I heard you like Ema, so we put Ema on an Ema!The Shirobako prayer ema was actually part of a Shirobako merchandise bundle, which was sold during Comiket 89 for 5,000 yen. The Bundle also included a variety of other merchandise, including a strap, a sketch, and several Shirobako clear file folders. And since this is the New year, also included in the bundle is a charm inspired by Shirobako’s show within a show, Aerial Girls.

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It’s actually pretty nice to have your New Year shrine visit and offer up an Ema Ema, am I right?

Source: Crunchyroll