A video shared by a Chinese Otaku page have gone viral, giving hope to all ladies, that love can change the world! More precisely love for your 2D boyfriend.

Miss Motoyoshi Kanna was the subject of this segment of the Japanese TV Program,「ザ!世界仰天ニュース」(Gyoten News)。In this five minutes segment, it tells the story of the then 19 years old Kanna-chan, and her weight loss journey from 95KG to 43kg, her motivation and the love her parents showered on her.

This clip should be quite dated but nonetheless, it is still an interesting story for us to share here.

If you understand Japanese or Chinese(Subtitles) you can watch the video here,

清纯美女无误~因为宅而变漂亮,看谁还敢说宅不好了~ XD

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If not, here’s a brief.


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She fell in love with the character Tieria Erde from GUNDAM OO when introduced to him/her/it during a visit to a friend’s place. It was love at first sight, but one day at the suggestion of her friend, they decided to cosplay their favourite characters at a convention. Without surprise, the then overweight Kanna didn’t have a very good experience with people talking behind her back, laughing and pointing…

She was in despair… she thought to herself, that she shouldn’t have attended the event, should have stayed at home. Then it STRIKEs her,

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At that point she is determined to loss weight and not be a disgrace for her favourite character. Time for dieting!


It was difficult at first, with family tempting her during meals (yes, her family loves to eat! They have sweets everywhere!). She almost failed during an alone time in the Toilet, staring at the sugary treat just next to their tooth brushes… But was pulled back when the thought of betraying Tiera-sama comes into mind.

Following this she placed picture cards of Tiera everywhere there’s food, her theory “Tiera is looking”. She also spends her free time actually exercising, something most dieting people forgets… Her actions worried her parents at first, following their daughters on her jogs around town.

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But soon it became an activity they would do together.


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Mentioned above, Kanna-chan lost weight. 52KG of it. Her parents too lost a total of 40+kg accompanying her on jogs. As a result, she turned into a super slim and kawaii girl, look at her cosplaying as Lacus Clyne.

When interviewed, she mentioned that she is now more able to cosplay other characters and has the FREEDOM to put on the cloths that she likes.

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However, her love live is still very much 2D only, by choice.

Good for her!


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Who says the GUNDAM FRANCHISE is only for Male audiences? As demonstrated, there is at least one room full young female fans!

P.s.: I sure hope Kanna-chan didn’t have a major heart break when Tiera turns from a him to a her then to a it…

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