For many artistes and performers in Japan, performing at the Nippon Budoukan is a dream-come-true, as only the very best get to perform there. Count the seiyuu unit, YuiKaori among them, as the seiyuu unit comprising of Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara, will be performing at the hallowed stage of the Budoukan for the very first time.


Titled “Rainbow Canary!! ~Brightest Stage~,” the Budoukan concert was announced during the “Rainbow Canary!!” concert tour at the Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall, which was attended by almost 12,000 people. It is scheduled for 12 March 2016, and advance tickets, which are now available are going for 7,200 yen. General ticket sales will open on 27 February.


Meanwhile, for the Pacifico Yokohama leg of their “Rainbow Canary!!” concert tour, which was held last 3 January, YuiKaori performed a total of 20 songs, including their latest songs,  “Ring Ring Rainbow (Castle Town Dandelion anime OP),” “Our Steady Boy,” and “Tsubasa ni naru yo.”

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Source: animeanime