The moe anime, Is the Order a Rabbit?, has gotten a huge following in Japan, and one of its fans have certainly embraced his own personal fandom, by turning his acupuncture and moxibustion clinic into a shrine dedicated to the lovable cast of the anime.


This peculiar Ita-Acupuncture Clinic can be found in Okayama Prefecture, and according to twitter user and clinic regular, @masamasan, the clinic had been decorated with anime merchandise from Is the Order a Rabbit?. However, when he visited the clinic to greet the staff a happy new year, he found that the clinic had been filled with “an even greater amount than before.” Looks like somebody was busy last Comiket…


The clinic has been decked out with a variety of Is the Order a Rabbit merchandise, from Ita-curtains to bags, pins, multi-cloths, towels, and all-sorts of merchandise. So much so, that one might forget that this is actually a clinic and not some random otaku’s room, until you see that one acupuncture chart sticking out, of course.


Ever played Where’s Wally or Find the Panda? Now it is time to play “Find Spider-Man.”


Getting an acupuncture or moxibustion can make many first-timers scared, after all, you will be having your body pierced by a lot of needles, or have burning of clumps of dried mugwort placed on your skin, so having a soothing anime such as Is the Order a Rabbit? around you may help calm you down and relax you, right?

Source: Rocket News 24