During the “Uta no Prince Sama Maji Lovelive 5th Stage” event, it was reported that seiyuu Tatsuhisa Suzuki fractured an elbow. The incident happened during an on-location rehearsal last Saturday, 16 January. However, Tatsuhisa Suzuki showed a lot of toughness as he managed to perform through the injury.


According to the official UtaPri website, Suzuki, who voices Ranmaru Kurosaki, got injured and immediately got a medical exam, which found that his left elbow sustained a fracture. It was then decided that part of the event was to be changed, an despite the injury, Suzuki managed to finish the show.

Aside from his role in UtaPri, Suzuki is also known for voicing Ban in the Seven Deadly Sins, as well as Kazunari Takao in Kuroko’s Basketball.

The UtaPri event also confirmed that Season 4 of the UtaPri TV anime will be slated for autumn 2016.