One Piece has a wide appeal, and Eiichiro Oda’s bestselling pirate battle manga even has its own Kabuki play! And as the play journeys to Osaka and Fukuoka after a sold-out run in Tokyo, a new TV ad was aired, and it features several scenes from the One Piece Kabuki play’s Tokyo run.

The play will be shown in Osaka’s Shochiku-za theater from 1 – 25 March, before heading to Fukuoka’s  Hakata-za theater from 2 – 26 April. The role of Monkey D. Luffy is played by famed actor, Ichikawa Ennosuke IV, who previously voiced the character of Komei in the One Piece TV special, Adventure of Nevlandia.

One Piece Kabuki

The play adapts the “Paramount War Saga” from the manga, which follows Luffy’s attempt to save Ace from being executed. This unique take on the internationally loved manga first premiered in Tokyo last 7 October, and sold out all of its 100,000 tickets.

The play’s cast comprises of:

  • Ichikawa Ennosuke IV as Luffy, Hancock, Shanks
  • Ichikawa Ukon as Whitebeard
  • Bandou Minosuke II as Zoro, Bentham, Squard
  • Nakamura Hayato as Sanji, Inazuma
  • Ichikawa Shunen II as Nami, Sandersonia
  • Ichikawa Koutarou as Hatchan, Sentomaru
  • Ichikawa Juen as Avalo Pizarro
  • Ichikawa Emisaburou as Nyon
  • Ichikawa Enya II as Jinbei, Blackbeard (Teach)
  • Ichikawa Emiya II as Nico Robin, Marigold
  • Ichikawa Omezou VI as Magellan
  • Ichikawa Monnosuke VIII as Tsuru
  • Seiji Fukushi as Ace
  • Noritoshi Kashima as Brook, “Akainu” Sakazuki
  • Kazuyuki Asano as Rayleigh, Ivankov, Sengoku


Source: ANN