The 12th issue of this year’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is featuring Assassination Classroom on its cover, and will present the manga’s latest chapter in color. The same issue will also announce that the manga will be ending in the magazine’s issue #16, which will be out in March next month.


The manga is ending in five more chapters, with issue #12 also featuring a special illustration by mangaka Yusei Matsui, which features his statement on the manga’s ending, which will coincide with Japan’s graduation season, which happens every March.

Previously, the manga magazine’s 11th issue stated that the manga is already headed to the “Final Mission’s Climax,” and this announcement confirms that the manga is indeed ending.

The series, has received two anime adaptations, with the second one currently airing in Japan. Yusei Matsui’s manga has also received two live-action movie adaptations, with the second movie opening on 25 March.

Source: ANN