During Anime Japan 2016 in Tokyo, a special announcement by Nitroplus regarding Touken Ranbu has made many fangirls very happy, as the sword boy PC browser game, Touken Ranbu, was announced to have a TV anime adaptation which will premiere in 2017.


The Anime Japan announcement tagged anime studio, ufotable (Fate/ Zero, God Eater), as the one responsible for animating the upcoming project, so expect some beautifully-done animation in this one.

The anime series by ufotable is expected to premier in 2017. Before that, another series “Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru” has been scheduled for Oct 2016.

Other details on the upcoming anime have not yet been revealed thus far.


Released by DMM, which is responsible for giving us Kantai Collection, and Nitroplus back in January 2015, Touken Ranbu is a PC browser game which lets players collect and battle with anthropomorphic bishounen sword boys. The game has been described as a male counterpart to Kantai Collection, which is a PC browser game by DMM and Kadokawa focusing on anthropomorphic World War II ships.

Source: Yaraon!