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UPDATE: This is an April Fool’s Joke for 2016.

In a press conference held today at S0Z0’s new office at Market Street Office Tower, It was announced that beginning next month S0Z0 will hold a series of monthly festivals to help build excitement for Anime Festival Asia (AFA).

During the announcement, spokesperson Watanuki-san said, “We want everyone, young and old, to have a bite size experience of AFA. We hope that with our efforts, everyone can experience the best anime has to offer.” Beginning in May, the events will be held in various heartlands with the aim to bring the joys of anime closer to Singaporeans of all ages.

The first event announced today will be Henderson Anime Matsuii (HAM), followed by Woodlands Anime Matsuii (WAM), Dover Anime Matsuii (DAM), and Sengkang Anime Matsuii (SKAM) being the last in a line of events announced today. SimLim Anime Matsuii(SLAM), as well as Siglap Close Anime Matsuii(SCAM), is currently under consideration. Each of the events will feature a portion of the AFA as well as inviting guests.

An exciting time is coming so do watch this space for more information on the various events.

Source: Press release