Last year, seiyuu Ai Takabe has sent shock waves through the seiyuu industry when police found her in possession of cocaine.

Now, celebrities getting caught with drugs is a serious thing, but in Japan, it is more serious than most, as getting drug scandals often mean the end of a career. However, Ai Takabe finally gets a bit of good news because the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office has decided not to press charges to the embattled 27-year old seiyuu who is best known for voicing the female ninja, Agiri from Kill me Baby.


According to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, they will not press charges because “a comprehensive consideration of the very small amount of narcotics in her possession, as well as the social sanctions she has already received.” In other words, she got off easy from the law, which many have thought could have gotten her some jail time.

However, it seems that J.C. Staff has still not forgiven her, as the Kill Me Baby official website is still not displaying her name in the character page for Agiri despite getting off easy from the law. But to be fair, the names for the seiyuu for Sonya and Yasuna have also been removed. Here is an image of how the website looked like before the scandal broke, and then after. You can see Takabe’s name (written in Japanese as 高部あい) listed as the CV in the before image on your left, but it was taken out in the after image on the right side of the picture.


Takabe is also not listed in the website’s staff and cast listing anymore.


Sites like Amazon Japan have stopped streaming episodes of Kill Me Baby since the scandal broke out, however, it is still unclear whether the prohibition is from the official streaming sites themselves or the anime distributors who have decided to do so. As for Takabe, she is now out of legal hot water, and seems to be bouncing back in her career, as she recently starred in a 2-hour detective drama special last month.

Last 15 October, Takabe was arrested for possession of cocaine. She was later subjected to a drug test, which she tested positive for cocaine use. The industry was not kind to her after her arrest, where Bandai Visual and Amazon immediately removed any anime she appeared on, including Kill Me Baby. After it was found out that she had been using cocaine, she was dropped by many of her projects, and her contract abruptly terminated by her agency, Oscar Promotion.

The controversial seiyuu is best known for her role as Agiri Goshiki in Kill Me Baby, as well as Fumi in the yuri anime. Sweet Blue Flowers.  She was also a former member of the Bishiujo Club 31 idol group, and she frequently appeared in several live-action TV shows.

Source: Rocket News 24