The 2016 Death Note movie is now coming together, and it is certainly shaping up to become one interesting sequel. A new poster visual for the film has been unveiled, which also tells us that the movie will be titled “Death Note Light up the NEW world.”

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The new visual features the three main characters, Actor Sousuke Ikematsu, who will be playing L’s successor, Ryuuzaki, who is also a master detective and he is related to the great detective himself. He is joined by Masahiro Higashide, who plays Tsukuru Mishima, an investigator in the newly-formed “Death Note Unit,” and Masaki Suda, who plays Yuugi Shion, a cyber terrorist who idolizes Kira and uses his skills to find the six Death Notes.

The poster also reveals a silhouette of Ryuk, the apple-loving Shinigami from the manga. He is confirmed to make his return with the film, with Shidou Nakamura reprising the role.


Another familiar face who will be returning from the original films is Erika Toda, who is reprising her role as Misa Amane.


Slated for release on 29 October, the film will be a sequel to the 2006 live-action adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s internationally acclaimed thriller manga. It will also star AKB48 Idol, Rina Kawaei, as one of the six Death Note users, and this will be the idol’s darkest roles yet, as her character, Sakura Aoi, is an indiscriminate killer when using her Death Note.

Source: animeanime