Aya Hirano has legions of adoring fans, and her famous roles as the Haruhi Suzumiya to Fairy Tail’s Lucy Heartfilia, has earned her fans the world over. However, the often-controversial seiyuu is leaving Japan for four months in order to study in New York.


She announced her plans in her instagram account, where she said that she will be studying abroad, and J-entertainment news website Oricon reported that she was actually going to New York. She also added that  “during the time from when the stage that I’m on now ends until the next stage starts,” implying that her studies would have something to do with her acting career. However, she did not state any reasons why she is studying abroad, and why she has chosen New York.

Currently, Aya Hirano is the host of the program, Tokyo hi-IMAGINE. It was revealed that while she is away for her studies, former SKE48 and NOGIZAKA46 idol, Rena Matsui, will be taking over for about half a year. Aya-chan is also currently starring in the The Mystery of Edwin Drood musical play, which kicks off its tour on 4 April, and ends its run in Fukuoka on 15 May.

Oricon has stated that she will be completing the tour before leaving for her studies.

Source: ANN