Everyone knows that anime hair can get pretty ridiculous, and one of the most ridiculous ones belongs to Ran Mori from Detective Conan. Sure, most parts of her hair look pretty normal, however, there is that one big spike on top of her head… what is that thing anyway?! Surely a great detective like Conan Edogawa could explain such a mystery, right?!


To clear up the decades-long mystery that is Ran’s hair, twitter user @takumitoxin posted a picture which might just tell us what it really is…

According to the tweet, that thing on Ran’s head is actually just a tapered part of her hair and not really a poorly disguised bump on her head, nor is it a mutation from radioactive waste according to some people from the internet. In another tweet, he added that  ‘I’m more curious about the hair around her ears.’ I think it’s supposed to be like [Japanese pop singer] Shizuka Kudo’s wispy locks.”

He also said that  “In the beginning, her part on the left-hand side was clearly defined, but after a while it seemed to morph into a visual symbol and became more pronounced and simplified.” He then added that “In the anime, they added highlights in front of her part, and the pointy section seemed to gain complete independence and became hard to analyze.”

Well, I guess this explains that she’s not really some sort of unicorn… as the internet suggests. I guess it has more to do with Gosho Aoyama’s art style rather than her being some mutant monster in disguise…


Now, if they can only explain Yugi’s hair, that would be great…


Source: Rocket News 24