A new anime project has been announced for GoHands and GoRA’s K Project multimedia series during an event for the franchise. This new animation project is called K SEVEN STORIES, with Shingo Suzuki returning to provide directions and character designs for the series. Both GoHands and GoRA have been tagged as the ones responsible for the original story.


However, not much has been announced about this new anime, except for the title and main visual. It is still not known if this will be a TV anime or not.

The event also revealed that there will be a new stage play for the K Project, and it will be titled K―Lost Small World―. The play will adapt Yukako Kabei’s spinoff novel, which follows the meeting and parting of Misaki Yata and Saruhiko Fushimi. The play will be shown at the AiiA 2.5D theater in Tokyo from 22 – 24 July before heading to the Kyoto Gekijou Theater in Kyoto from 30 – 31 July 2016.

Source: Yaraon!