P.A. Works is known for their beautiful animation, breathtaking scenery and backgrounds, and lovable anime. Their work in animation is best described in their groundbreaking anime about making an anime, Shirobako, as well as their other works, including Charlotte, Nagi no Asukara, and many more. They are also getting a brand new studio building, and they have given us a tour of it, and it looks like the one we’ve seen in Shirobako.

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From the familiar animator work spaces, to conference rooms where directors, producers, and animators meet to discuss the anime they are working on, to even a library, the new building is where all the magic of animation are made.

And if you were paying attention in Shirobako, you would know that it may seem relaxed in the images, but those animators are really working hard to make the anime we love, so kudos to them!

Source: P.A. Works official