Pokemon Sun and Moon is getting a lot of hype, and the Pokemon Channel has started streaming a brand new video focusing on a legendary Pokemon introduced back in Pokemon X and Y, Zygarde. However, it seems that this big guy has a lot more tricks up its sleeve, because it’s going to make its return in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but with two new forms.

First introduced is the Doberman-like Zygarde 10% Forme, which later transforms into the much-bigger and more humanoid Zygarde Complete Forme.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will both be released for the Japanese and North American markets on 18 November, and will be released in Europe on 23 November 2016.

It will be available for the Nintendo 3DS platform, in a Hawaiian-inspired region called the Alola region. Here, trainers can choose one of three Pokemon, and they are Rowlet (Grass/ Flying), Litter (Fire), and Poplio (Water). Pokemon Sun will have the lion-like legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo, as its featured Pokemon, while Pokemon Moon will be having the bat-like Lunala.