In Japan, charms or amulets give people all sorts of blessings, from passing a test, to blessing your pregnant wife with a safe childbirth, and even protect you from accidents. Now, Kitan Club, the same company behind those adorable Pikachu smartphone futons, is releasing a new novelty cellphone pouch, which is designed after those Shinto/Buddhist protection charms.


These charm pouches also offer a variety of protections for your cellphone, which is a really novel way to protect your phones from screen cracks, running out of batteries, and even online flame wars. Each one measures 150mm long, and 80mm wide, which is large for a protective charm. Here is what Kitan Club has to offer:

Protection against bad reception (left) and protection against screen cracks (right)


protection against online flame wars (left) and protection against running out of battery charge (right)


protection against people not noticing your messages in their inbox/ignoring them (left) and protection against people peeking at your screen (right)


They are now available via gashapon machines (which means that getting one will be random) for 300 yen. Note that they are not actually blessed by Buddhist monks or Shinto priests, so they might really not be a lot of help (especially against getting into flame wars), but hey, they do look cool, right?!

Source: Rocket News 24