Bleach is definitely one of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s greatest manga titles, and that is saying a lot as the manga magazine has featured some of the greatest manga titles like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Now, a scan from the magazine’s next issue has revealed that Tite Kubo’s manga is now nearing its end.


The scan reveals a new visual from Tite Kubo himself, and states that the manga will be ending in an undisclosed number of chapters. This means that this is really it, and that Bleach is really ending.

The manga is now in its final arc, and has revealed plenty about Ichigo’s origins. Launched back in 2001, the manga has earned a reputation as one of Jump’s hottest titles, though it fell into obscurity following the end of the Aizen arc, with many still surprised that the manga is still ongoing. The final arc did not get animated, as the anime adaptation ended back in 2012.

image via imgur