Saying that One Piece mangaka, Eiichiro Oda, is a workaholic might be an understatement. The legendary mangaka is known for his work ethic, and that means that he is always busy. Because of his work, Oda has also been known to be very reclusive, but that all changed when he appeared on TV. Unfortunately, he still maintains some degree of secrecy by not showing his face.

He’s a bit shy, so to prove he is indeed Eiichiro Oda, he drew Luffy on the spot. Now that his identity is out of the question, he is given a football jersey Japanese player Shinji Kagawa. In an exchange of sorts, the One Piece creator repaid the international football star by personalizing him.

While many One Piece fans know what Oda already looks like, the mangaka has been known to be quite reclusive. The fact that he chose not to show his face during the interview has many fans poking fun at that belly of his. Well, at least it ain’t as big as my own belly…


Oda will have another TV appearance to promote One Piece Film Gold, though fans are already expecting him to hide his face again.

Source: Crunchyroll