Attention fangirls: word has been out that popular male voice actor, Hiroshi Kamiya, is actually married, and even has a child of about 4 years old.


You have probably heard rumours about Hiroshi Kamiya being married to a manga artist a couple of years ago, but as there wasn’t any proof for these rumours, the hype died down after a while. However, a photo of Kamiya Hiroshi himself, carrying a child, was just published in a tabloid magazine called “FLASH” just today (July 12, 2016), with the caption, “I am actually married (Voice actor from Osomatsu-san)”. As expected, this piece of news sparked a lot of interest on the internet, and especially on the social media platform, Twitter, where the hastag #神谷さん結婚 (KamiyasanMarriage) was trending at the number one spot for about half a day.


His wife is said to be none other than manga artist, Hikaru Nakamura, the author of Arakawa under the Bridge and Saint Onii-san,two popular manga series. She is also 9 years younger than he is. Hiroshi Kamiya was the voice actor for the main character, Kou Ichinomiya, so that was probably when they met? It is said that in the autumn of 2011, Hikaru Nakamura announced that she had given birth, and that was also around the time when Kamiya was said to have moved house, which started the rumours about them being married.


Fans all over Japan (and probably all over the world) have given their take on this piece of news, and it seems that most are supportive of the voice actor, while others are still in denial. After all, there has not been any official statement from the man himself. Aoni Production, the talent agency that Hiroshi Kamiya is under, has not released and confirmation statement about the piece of news, and their message to everyone is to just leave Hiroshi Kamiya’s private affairs alone.

Let’s wish him well and hope that he and his family are not too affected by this sudden uproar by the media.



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