Two of Bandai namco’s most loved video game franchises are crossing over for a very special collaboration, with Tales of Asteria teaming up with The [email protected] for a very special crossover. We have added the trailer below, which features Haruka and Miki (who somewhat looks like Milla Maxwell herself) introducing the collaboration

The collaboration will be giving the various Tales Of series heroines their own [email protected] costumes. The video also features the song, “Happy”, which is from the upcoming The [email protected]: Platinum Stars game for the PlayStation 4.

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The Tales of Asteria x [email protected] collaboration was announced during the Tales of Festival, and will be featuring costumes from various [email protected] games, including Cinderella Girls, Million Live!, Side-M, and the upcoming Platinum Stars PS4 game. More details will be released in the days ahead.

Sources: Crunchyroll via Social Game Info