Cycling is an excellent sport and hobby to get into, but as with many sports-related hobbies, one must always put safety first. And what better way to promote bicycle safety than with the hit cycling anime, Yowamushi Pedal, right?!


Yowamushi Pedal’s Team Sohoku represented Chiba prefecture during the Inter-High tournament, and they are helping out their home prefecture again with the new campaign. This includes short animated videos which talk about bike safety. These videos not only star the characters from the anime, but also Chiba’s mascot, Chiba-kun.

The campaign is slated to have five safety videos, with the first one already released. This first video talks about how to be safe on a road with cars driving by.

These safety videos will also be shown in several public areas, like QVC Marine Field, Fukuda Denshi Arena, and Makuhari Messe. They will also be implementing posters around the prefecture, and will also sell merchandise.

Source: Yowamushi Pedal Official