Free! fans jumped for joy when a new screen project for the series was announced during the High Speed! -Free! Starting Days- Blu-ray/DVD launch event. And the official KyoAni Channel has started streaming the very event video which announced the new anime, check it out:

I am still guessing that people want to see more swimming after those epic performances from Katie Ladecky, the legendary Micheal Phelps, and of course, our very own Joseph Schooling… and a new Free! anime might just remedy that urge to watch more swimming!

Not much has been revealed about this “new screen project” for Free!!, and we still don’t know its format and whether it will be a new anime or even a live-action adaptation.  Though it is understandable that many are already saying that this might really be season 3 for the popular TV anime.


High Speed! -Free! Starting Days- is directly based on the High-Speed novel which follows Haruka and Makoto as middle school swimmers. It premiered last December and is considered as the prequel to the Free!! TV anime.