Looks like Bleach is not quite done just yet. Previously, it was revealed that the manga was supposed to be ending in the combined 36th/37th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump! magazine, along with Nisekoi. However, a leaked copy from the issue revealed that it really isn’t over yet.


It was revealed that the manga will really end in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump! magazine, which is due out for release on 22nd August. In addition, an “important announcement” will also be made on that same issue.

Whatever could this important announcement be? A new Bleach anime? A movie perhaps? Is Tite Kubo making a new manga? Who knows? Looks like we will have to wait until 22md August to really find out what they’re planning.

Bleach was launched back in 2001 as a weekly series in Shonen Jump!, and it later spawned a long-running TV anime, several movies, and tons of merchandise. So, what is your favorite Bleach moment?

Source: ANN