Kantai Collection’s Fall Festival season continues, and to the surprise of many, they have added a brand new destroyer named Uranami.

dd_uranami_486_full dd_uranami_486_full_damaged

Introduced during the game’s 16th September update, Uranami is a Fubuki-class destroyer who is illustrated by Shibafu, thus sporting one of KanColle’s most famous “art styles” known as the “PotatoFace.’ The “Potato Face’ is described as the art style for Shibafu, who also illustrated other ship girls like Fubuki and Mikuma. Many KanColle fans have joked that the “Potato Face” rivals the Fate series’ also-infamous “Saber Face”. She drops in multiple maps throughout the game, including 3-5 and 2-4.

Meanwhile, more Fall Festival costumes have also been added during the latest update:

Destroyer Naganami

dd_naganami_yukata_full dd_naganami_yukata_full_damaged

Battleship Mutsu

bb_mutsu_yukata_full bb_mutsu_yukata_full_damaged

New autumn voice lines, quests, and furniture have also been added in the update.

images via KanColle Wikia