Natsume’s Book of Friends is returning for a fifth season formally titled Natsume’s Book of Friends Go. To keep the excitement alive, a new PV was released just a few weeks before the anime’s premiere next month.

The new PV also gives us a taste of the anime’s OP theme song, “Takarabako” by Marii Sasano. And while she is performing the OP song, the ED song will be performed by none other than Aimer, and the song will be titled “Akane Sasu.” The anime is scheduled to premiere on 4 October 2016.

Durarara!! director, Takahiro Omori will be acting as the chief director of the anime over at Studio Shuka, with Kotomi Deai now serving as the new director. Kazuhiko Inoue will be returning to voice Nyanko-sensei, while Hiroshi Kamiya will be returning as Natsume.