After painting a few key visuals for the first Kuroko’s basketball Winter Cup compilations movie,  Kuroko’s Basketball: Winter Cup Compilation ~Shadow and Light~, OLDCODEX band member YORKE is at it again, as he is also responsible for the backgrounds of the latest set of key visuals for the second movie, ~Beyond the Tears~.

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YORKE, is also a painter, and he showed his skills as he did the backgrounds for three new visuals, which featured Kise, Yukio, Murasakibara, and Tatsuya. Now that’s some skill!

Aside from the visuals. OLDCODEX  is also providing the theme song for the film series, which is titled “The Experience.” The film trilogy will follow the events of the Winter Cup, which was also adapted into the TV anime.

The first of the Winter Cup Compilation trilogy, Kuroko’s Basketball: Winter Cup Compilation ~Shadow and Light~ (Winter Cup Soushuu-hen ~Kage to Hikari~), premiered last 3rd September, while the second film, ~Beyond the Tears~, will be premiering on 8th October, and the third film, ~Crossing the Door~, will be premiering on 3rd December. As for Extra Game, the movie will premiere in spring 2017.

Source: Animate Times