Kitauji’s lovable brass bad are back for a second season, and the official website for Kyoto Animation’s Sound! Euphonium anime has revealed new details for that second season. It has been confirmed that the anime will be premiering on 5th October 2016.


Tokyo MX 1, ABC Asahi Broadcasting, TV Aichi, and tvk will be airing the anime on 5th October, while KBS Kyoto and BS11 will air it on 6th October. Check out the English-narrated PV, which was released last month:

The OP song, “Soundscape,” will be performed by TRUE, while the ED song, which has not yet been titled, will be performed by the Kitauji Quartet.

The story of the sequel anime takes place right after the events of the first anime. After the gruelling Kansai prefectural competition, Kitauji is about to partake in an even bigger and more daunting task: The Nationals.If the regional competition was really tough, the musicians of Kitauji better expect the national competition to be far tougher, and that the road to the nationals will not be as easy. Who knew being in a high school concert band would be tough? Looks like we will be finding out soon enough!

Source: Ota-suke