During the Magical Mirai 2016 event in Makuhari Messe this weekend (9th – 11th September), Japanese figure makers Volks, together with technology company Speecys, will be unveiling a special type of Hatsune Miku doll. This is one of a kind because she will be transformed into a robotic diva.


The image above is Volk’s own Hatsune Miku doll from their Dollfie Dream line, however, this gives you an idea on what this new robotic Miku doll might actually look like. The new doll will be part of Volks’s Dollfie Honey line, and will use robotics technology to move about 28 points of articulation all over the doll’s body.


To move all those parts, Linux’s Raspberry Pi 3 mini-computer has been placed inside the doll, and will even make it move using the animated dancing program, MikuMikuDance, or MMD.


Measuring in at 60cm in height, and boasting soft skin, details on this new robotic Miku doll are still scarce, but if you ever want to buy one, do expect a hefty price tag.

Source: IT Media